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Career Progression Workshop

Who is the Career Progression Workshop for ?

The Career Progression Workshop is for clients who

  • have achieved Professional Assessment of Competence (PAC) or Advanced Level 7
  • currently have Associate or Chartered Membership of the CIPD
  • need support in progressing towards an appropriate level of Chartered Membership
What are the Objectives ?

At the end of the workshop you will be able to

  • Identify the benefits of upgrading to the appropriate level of professional membership
  • Determine eligibility for upgrade to the most appropriate level of membership
  • Utilise the Profession Map and My CPD Map for further CPD purposes
  • Identify the next steps for progress to the next level of membership and career development
  • Complete the application process for upgrade where appropriate
  • Identify further sources of support where required
The Programme at a glance

10:00     Coffee and Registration

10:15      Welcome and Introductions

Introduction to CIPD Membership
Presentation and Discussion

  • What is Professional Membership?
  • Membership levels
  • Profession Map
  • Benefits of Professional Membership
  • Eligibility for Upgrading
  • Qualifications and Membership
  • Moving to Professional Membership
  • Overview of the upgrade process
  • Upgrade Methodology
  • My CPD Map on line tool
  • CIPD Website

11:15    Coffee

Exploring Membership
Presentation and Discussion

  • Membership Criteria for Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow
  • Differences between Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow
  • Determining individual Upgrade Eligibility
  • Membership Requirements
  • Knowledge
  • Activities
  • Behaviours
  • Colleague Support

Introduction to the documentation

  • Application Forms
  • Colleague Assessment Forms
  • CV
  • Organisation Chart
  • CPD

13:00     Lunch

Application Practice
Group /Individual Activity and Discussion

  • Gathering the evidence
  • Choosing appropriate examples
  • Matching to the Membership Criteria
  • Filling in the Paperwork
  • Top Tips
  • Discussion of Strong and Weak answers
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

15:00     Tea

Continuing Professional Development and Next Steps
Presentation and Discussion

  • Setting Objectives and Charting Progress
  • The Cycle of CPD
  • Key Questions for your CPD
  • Identifying your development needs
  • Meeting your development goals
  • The paperwork
  • My CPD Map

CPD Reflection
What are your takeaways from today?

  • Further support
  • Any Questions?

16:30     Farewell and have a great week!

When and Where
  • Date to be confirmed
  • 10:00 – 16:30
  • The Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall,  London,  SW1Y 5ED

Workshop Programme

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