30 Years In The Making

Happy Thirtieth

We are proud to be celebrating 30 years as Cullen Scholefield; it’s a major milestone, especially in today’s economic climate!

We are very clear about the huge potential that pro-active people practices can play in organisational success.

So much has changed since 1986 when we first opened our smart offices in Victoria. However, we soon realised that our clients wanted the quality and breadth of our team’s knowledge so in 1988, we relocated to Fulham using hot desking to cope with our expanding team.

We took a step further in 1996 we moved again to Haywards Heath, using technology as our tool to support our excellent customer service.

Some of you will remember those early days, and it’s easy to forget that we’re a creative consultancy at heart; we only started offering qualifications in an innovative way when we spotted a market need for more flexible learning. Many candidates have said that working with us has validated their skills and knowledge and the icing on the cake is the professional qualification they gained via Cullen Scholefield.

We’re in a unique position to offer consultancy to cross sector clients ranging from micro businesses to global blue chip organisations. This gives us valuable insights and contacts that are used to excellent effect for all.

We undertake HR audits, provide independent bespoke investigations and reviews, offer employment relations advice and develop effective HR strategies. Our consultancy services often materialise because of the credibility we have and the personal relationships we maintain with our contacts.

Our candidates become our friends and very often recommend us to their colleagues. We’ve been privileged to support people at the start of their careers and now feel like proud parents to see them operating at some very senior levels: indeed, we were a bit startled recently to be told that Cullen Scholefield had qualified a candidate’s mother!

We live in interesting times and you can call on us to help both you and your organisation to solve your challenges – whether on a personal or business level.

Do keep in touch!